Trouble downloading/Installing Smustard Extensions

If you read the info page on Smustard, you will see that make faces appears in the Tools menu, not Extensions. Progressbar is a utility used by other scripts; it won’t appear by itself in any menu.

Make faces isn’t appearing in my Tools menu either. So why is it appearing in my Extension Manager, but no where else that I can utilize it, like the Tool Bar?

I have downloaded Makefaces from Smustard, not that I have any use for it, I also downloaded Progressbar as it is needed to run Makefaces.
I took both .rb files from my download folder and put them in my plugins folder, then opened SU2021.
In Tool menu I get a new entry Make Faces 1.4 which does just what it says.

Thanks Box…that’s what I did before. In case I did anything wrong I uninstalled the progress bar and make faces and tried again exactly as you instructed. As before they show in my Extension Manager, but not in the Tools menu.

When you installed Sketchup did you use the Right Click Run as admin method?
If not, or you don’t know, do so now.
Find the install.exe, probably in your downloads folder, or download a fresh copy.
With sketchup and layout closed, select the install.exe with a single click, then right click on it and choose Run as Administrator, follow the prompts and select Repair when given the option. Follow the prompts until complete. (personally I would restart my computer at this point).
Launch Sketchup.

Doing this won’t change toolbars or plugins, it just fixes any underlying permissions issues that may be causing your problem. It is also entirely possible that you have somehow caused something strange with all your moving about of zip, rbz and rb files.

Thanks Box, I will try the Run Admin suggestion later today.

I think you might be right, that initially I was moving so many zip, rbz and rb files around it might have done something, so that even though I’m doing it correctly now it’s not granting permission.