Trouble converting a layout to PDF

Hi, I am new to SketchUp. I created my first house plan and I am having trouble converting my layout to a PDF for printing. The layout looks as I want it to but when I convert to PDF it shows things inside the home, furniture for example. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Elevations 1.pdf (1.4 MB)

In the scenes tab in SketchUp is the furniture on a separate tag? if so make sure the tag is off and update the scene

Can you post your LayOut file?
How are you creating your elevation views? The PDF looks like what happens when you try Hybrid rendering interior elevations that use “clipping” instead of section planes.
Check that

  • Your model is not very far from the origin point
  • Switch to Raster rendering, use High resolution
  • Output Override is not turned on (Document setup>Rendering)

It tells me the layout file is too big to upload. I’ll try these suggestions. Thank you

Then share the Layout file via a file sharing service such as Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer and provide a link here.