Trimming groups without exploding them


Here’s my problem. I am trying to trim jack rafters to a valley and keep them as a group. The only way I have found is
to use intersect with model then explode. The clean process is laborious. Then I group them back together. I would really like to keep them as original group. Is there a extension that would do something like.this.
Thanks in advance zadach


There’s certainly no need to explode groups to make the changes. Can you post an example SKP file showing exactly what you want to do?


I guess I could. How do I do that I am new to this.


Click on the indicated button and upload the SKP file.


When you apply the Intersect command, the lines of intersection appear in the context from which you execute the command. If you do an Intersect Faces with Model command from inside a group (or component), intersections with geometry outside the group will appear inside the group allowing you to trim the group from inside its context to fit adjacent, outside objects. These objects, which are outside the group context, are unaffected.



you have pro, so you can use solid tools…


I would like to trim this jack rafter to the valley and keep it as a group. Used the push/pull tool to pull up the valley to make it easier to trim to. What’s the best way to do this.
Thanks Steve


As John suggested, use the Solid Tools.


Thanks Guys. Got to figure out how it works.


Solid tools does not work on the valley, it works on the rafter but not on the valley. Its a group and I have also tried using solid tools with it being a component. Do you think the way the valley swings with the rise and the angle may have something to do with why the solid tools does not recognize it a solid.


If you get your valley rafter where you want it you shouldn’t need to mess with it in order to trim the jack rafters.
Just draw a large box from the side of the valley and trim the jack rafters with the solid tools.
As for your valley rafter not being a solid, that’s a separate issue, covered well in many threads here.
Have a look at this quick rafter trimmer.



Thank you. That looks like the way to go. Sure has been frustrating.


If you need a fast way (9$), you can have a look at


Thanks Cotty I will check it out.


Works great Cotty once I figured out the three point plane. That’s the way to do it.
Thank you zadach


You can use the tab key to toggle the cutted side. The other tools in that extension are very helpful too, you should have a look at them also…