Trimming a Non-Solid with a Plane

Hello everyone. I’m looking for a plugin that would help me “trim” geometry off of a non-solid group. I have this little bush here, which is going to become a hedge-line fence but I need it to have a good “haircut”.

Basically I only need the part inside the planes. Using the Intersect With option will take ages to remove the trimmed leaves. I’m struggling to find a plugin that would cut the shrub with planes like this. There are plugins that trim but don’t remove the unnecessary parts, which is the most tedious part. The desired end result would be a neatly trimmed hedge line.

I’d be thankful for any advice or comment. Cheers!

If you select the face/faces in the bush’s group, you can right click and choose Intersect to break them at the intersecting surfaces. You can then select and delete the pieces of the surface that were trimmed off.

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I wonder if Whaat*s Zorro plugin still works. Epic name.


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the problem is it takes a long time to go through all the groups to split out the faces…

an experimental plugin of mine creates 6 section cuts and trims all external bits…

on more complex models it can take hours…


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Thank you everyone for quick replies. @TheOnlyAaron, @john_drivenupthewall yes, you’re right guys, Intersection command is one way but it takes a long time to remove the trimmed pieces.

@Anssi, thank you. I tried the Zorro plugin. Using its ability to cut with the Section Cut, it worked like a charm.

Yes, it looks weird on its own but when it’s in the hedge line, it’s not that bad I think. Thank you all again. :blush:

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If you need such slicing function a lot, you should have a look at ($):

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You can also try my plugin: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

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Thank you Christina. Will have a look. :slight_smile:

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