Trimming superfluous rock in tight places

Hi, first ever post. Fairly new to Sketchup after a long time with other software and physical modelling.

I need to build environments into these vivariums. What I have done is lay out the rocks in a natural looking way and then I hoped to just trim away the excess, the bits which have poked through the walls. So, spent hours googling this, tried Zorro, section planes etc. I understand its the complicated geometry which is the problem. I am not sure if it is even possible in this situation?

In the image, every piece of rock outside the green rectangle needs to be removed. My .skp file is 2mg to large to upload to the forum unfortunately.

I may need to have another workaround or use something else but I am so enjoying Sketchup, apart from this!

Place a section plane where you want it, then right click on the section plane while it is selected and you will find Slice Model at Selection, which is added by the Zorro plugin.

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Thanks Box, probably something I’m doing wrong but I don’t get ‘slice model at selection’ dialogue.

Your section isn’t selected.
And you will want to select Reverse first before you slice.

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Massive thanks Box, my problem was that I did not understand how section planes work. Back to tutorials!!

@ Box Massive thanks for steering me in right direction :slight_smile:

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Glad to help.

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