How to export Model cutting by section plane

I want to export sketchup model in obj format, but not the whole model. I want to export the part which is located above the ground plane(red-green plane).
So I’ve tried to create a section plane located on the ground plane so only the above part is visible, but when I try to export the model it exports the whole model.
I’ve also tried to select all entities(included the section plane) and then export choosing Export only current selection
But in this case it also exports the whole model. I remember that I was able to export the part of the model using section planes but now I can’t find what am I doing wrong. See the picture below.

You can use the plugin Zorro2 (with a copy of your file) to delete the unwanted part quickly.

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Is there a way without using an extexnsion?

Use a rectangle and “Intersect Faces”

Draw a big rectangle, make a group out of it, position and rotate it to the right position. Now explode rectangle and your object. Select it all, and then use Intersect / With selection option.
Delete all you do not need. Create a group out of it, select group and then use export with ‘Only selected’ option.

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Actually I need to do this export action via ruby api but first of all I wanted to know how it could be done in sketchup. I wander is there more simple way to export it, because in sketchup what should be done is not so hard, but doing the same thing in ruby api is not easy.