Dwg export


Is there a way to export 2D dwg Slices from SectionPlane?
I have several sectionsplaces that I’de like to export all in once instead of activating each slice and then reach file->export->section slice

Can you help me?

Thank You


what have you tried?

the API lets you search for groups by name and to export .dwg, but you need some knowledge of ruby…

if your after pre-existing solutions, an enquiry/thread for a ‘section slice export extension’ may yield one…


Any one context (model, group, component) can have only one section plane active at a time. So, unless your sections are in separate contexts, I don’t think you can do what you ask either via the GUI or via Ruby - unless by “all at once” you actually mean “one by one via a single Ruby script”.

In my model i’ve mades 10 section planes for exemple.

My idea was to make a script to activate them one by one and export them in ‘slice(1…2…3…4…5…)’.dwg

I didnt found a command to export a slice to a 2d dwg file

Sorry im starting using ruby…
I didnt find in the api the right sybthax to export 2d from slice…

You are correct. This feature is not yet exposed to the Ruby API.

You can file a request if there is none, at the issue tracker.