How to export the scene after sections are applied in .obj format?

In my plugin, I want to add the functionality to export the scene - after all the sections are applied - in .obj format. Right now when I export all the elements are exported irrespective of sections.
Only visible elements should be exported with proper cuts.
How to achieve that using Ruby scripts?

I don’t think obj has a section cut feature. You could try to physically cut the model with something like Eneroth Slicer before making the export.

I am not sure that it is possible yet. We’ve asked, but the “Create Group from Slice” feature of the Section Plane object has not yet been exposed in any of the APIs.

Sadness …

do do mean like this?


Yes, in obj format.

if you PM me a model with a scene for each camera position and I’ll see if my code runs on it…

exporting is the easy bit…