How to cut a model and save the cut

I have a complex model I am having trouble printing.
The trouble is on the top so I would like to cut the top off and just print that to see if my config changes solve the issue.

How can I easily cut the top off?

I tried section plane but I can’t get it to save just the section.

Section plane just cuts the view, it doesn’t physically cut your model.
You can try drawing a large face, move it like your section cut, and then select your model, right click, intersect face. Then there’ll be a line across you model and you can select the above to delete.
There are many other ways to cut, also involving solid tools (Pro), and depending how you made your model, there may easier ways to achieve what you want.

If you can share your model or a screen capture, people will have a better idea on how to help you

How about cutting with the cutting plane then exporting as a PDF then printing? Will that work for you?

Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention the model is for a 3D printer.

You should share a screenshot.
After you cut it, you’ll have to repair your model to keep it a solid for 3d printing.

This model is an R2D2 salt shaker from Pinshape.
The body is too complex. The easiest way may be to edit the gcode and only print the layers I want.

I am working with an skp file I created from an stl that I had to import in meters.
Maybe I should go back to that import and work on it at 1000x.
SU sure is having a problem with it to scale.

I worked with it at 1000x and I managed to get it done. Now to try to print it.

You can use the plugin Zorro2 and its addition to the context menu of sections planes “slice model at section” to delete the hidden part behind the section plane.

If you need to slice a lot of geometry, you should have a look at the great plugin s4u slice [$].