Distorted model after saving it as a section cut from above

Hi, I was new doing this model one day and saving it as a plan section that I have no ideas it turns out like this.
I saved multiple PDF files of various perspectives of the model, but I think that might not help me recover what this model originally looks like.
I met this problem multiple times in 2019, but I didn’t have an intention to fix it after saving it.
Can anyone here help me with it? I would appreciate that.

AB shed model.skp (4.7 MB)

What do you mean by “saving as a plan section”?

Sorry. It is a plan, and I just cut a section from above. Just edited it.

How about sharing the model, otherwise it is guessing what may be wrong.

Hi, RLGL. Just uploaded. You may have a look

If I hide all the groups and components what is left is a mass of geometry that is all stuck together. It should be drawn as if each piece was separate, each wall, floor etc and made into groups or components. A good place to get a handle on Sketchup is The learning Center

Yea, I didn’t pay much attension on that one. I’ll look through that learning center later. But is there any way to remedy this?

Drawing it correctly from the start is the only solution. Really there is no way to repair the model except starting over.

I think what happened is Gehry took the job on while you were busy with the section.

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I have seen something slightly similar (lots of new long triangular faces) created by the following procedure: save the file with the validation step enabled; SketchUp discovers “problems” that needed to be “fixed;” say OK. Then Undo that validation operation. Sometimes, the result of the Undo is to create a bunch of triangular faces which were never previously a part of the model. Undo a few more times and often those stray faces go away (along with undoing whatever was done by the modeler in the recent past).

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