Need help with cutting a 3d scanned model

Hello! I 3d scanned a model for one of my projects. I converted obj file to skp and opened it with sketch up. I need to cut the extra parts of the model and extrude the object. However, none of the solid tools works. Is there any way that I can fix this? Thanks!

Most likely there is. You first need to make sure you have solid groups or components. As to what it’ll take to make that happen, it’s impossible to tell without seeing the model. You may find that working at a large scale will help. Maybe scale up by a factor of 1000 so you can avoid the tiny face issue.

I got your model and had a look. It’s only a surface and not a 3D volume so there’s no reason to expect that Solid Tools should work on it.

If you want to trim off the excess parts of it, draw a shape that you can use with Intersect Faces to create cut lines so you can erase the unwanted stuff. Something like this.

With over 1.8 million entities, it’ll likely be very tedious to clean up. Might be better to trim the source instead.

Thanks! will try. Is there a way that I can extrude the model?

There are extensions like Joint Push/Pull which can extrude multiple faces at once however I would expect trying to do that in this model will bring Sketchup to its knees.

You could also add flat sides and bottom to it when you intersect it with your cutting shape.

Here’s an example using a simpler terrain model. The cutting shape is the large box and I’ve intersected it with the terrain geometry.

Then after erasing the unneeded stuff, I’m left with a solid group that could be 3D printed.

What is your plan for this model? If you are hoping to 3D print it, I expect this has much higher detail than the printer will be able to resolve.

I tried Joint/ Push/Pull and it didnt work.
Thanks a lot. I will try to use a cutting shape.
Yes, I am planning to 3d print this model.

As I said, too many faces.

Good luck.