How to make groove or trim my model

Hi i have attached my model. i want to make groove or trim the above logo part and make it look like groove . Both the objects are solid yet to i cant find a good waychocolate dairy (1.6 MB)

  • scale up (1000 e.g.)
  • explode both objects
  • intersect faces
  • delete unwanted parts
    (- move bottom face up?)

As Cotty points out it is a matter of scale.
Even scaled by 10 solid tools works.

box its not working to me im trying same as u showed in the animated view but the above logo disappears. It take little long time and disappears

Did you scale it up. Try scaling more.

Your profile says that you’re using MAKE, with the info that you are able to use the SolidTools, @Box suggestion will be the faster way.

Yes, I wouldn’t get too attached to the solid tools if you are using Make, as they will stop working when the pro trial ends.

Before the file which was disappeared it was scaled by 500 and when i scaled as u said 10 still same. And sorry for my profile i have to edit from Make to pro but i have mention above that both the objects are solid.

Does it matter the base is solid group and the logo above is solid component.:worried:

Group or component is fine as long as they are solid.
If I use subtract on your original, it doesn’t work correctly, mostly disappears like you show.
But scaled by 10, 100 or 500 it behaves as shown in my gif. and the result is a solid.
Might be that your graphic card isn’t up to it.

scaled with 10 and the result is same

I’ve tried with factor 10 and it works as shown by Box for me too.

thanks for replying. its not working for me dont know for now but i will look carefully to my model and the gif files u have send me. And tell u later whats going wrong with me.

i got the solution and made it as Cotty said to enlarge and explode i followed the same steps and then with the join push/pull i pull downward and made groove. But yet i want to make how Box made it . Its really easy way to subtract both the solids. But it did not work for me.