Need a little help with scaling

I am having trouble figuring out how to scale this model up.
I have tried tape measure and the scaling tool but I cant get all 3 inverted half circles to end up the correct size after.
Appreciate any help thanks

Scaling.skp (41.1 KB)

Scaling will change the dimensions of everything proportionally. The dimensions you want after scaling all have different ratios so you can’t scale this correctly in one go. Simple math: You need to scale up by a factor of 2 to get the 6mm wide groove to 12 mm, 1.75x to get the 8mm to 14mm, and 1.6x to get the 10mm to 16mm. It’s such a simple model, it would be a lot faster and easier to just redraw this with the right dimensions.

I agree if this were the finished model. But it’s not. I think you have answered my question. I’ll just break this into 3 parts and scale each individually and then combine into one model again. I’ll have to adjust everything to same length and height afterward. Should be quick. I’ll go try now.
Thank you

Good enough. If you modeled it correctly, redrawing this little bit shouldn’t be hard.

By the way, please correct your profile. It says you are using SketchUp 2018 Make but there’s no such thing.