How to scale pieces of model in length & width


without using the scale tool since it will change the size of everything. I want to add pieces in areas with no features to make it longer and wider.
Here is one of the parts and I have placed lines - one diagonally to add 47.1mm to length and two horizontal to increase width by 38mm or 19mm on each side,
I need to do this to multiple parts so please explain. (1.6 MB)


What has to happen to the ends of the grooves near the middle? Do their ends stay in the same place relative to the length? What about the rectangular openings? Do they need to get wider? Longer? What about the round holes on the centerline? Do they move with the length?

Maybe something like this? I added to the length and width based on your dimensions. First I got rid of your diagonal and other lines. Those aren’t needed for resizing the model. I also ran CleanUp to get rid of all the unneeded edges.

front2-5.5to7.skp (1.7 MB)


thx Dave
All those lines came from the original file that I dnld from the inet. Every time I ran cleanup SuSolid would report distorted surfaces the way it does now, so I just left it virgin.
All of the holes - for now - remain the same. I have other things to expand first.
Thx again, BUT, what did you do to add the sections.


I didn’t add any sections. After clean up, I turned on hidden Geometry, dragged a selection box around the but I wanted to move and moved it the required distance.

FWIW, I made it a component from your group, copied it and scaled it up by a factor of 1000 before running ThomThom’s CleanUp3 on the large copy. When CleanUp finished, I closed and deleted the large instance of the component and returned to the original. SketchUp reports it as solid. No need to do anything else to make it solid. (It took almost as long for CleanUp to run as if would have taken to draw it from scratch.)

Just for fun I exported an STL with Jim’s new version of the exporter and uploaded to Shapeways to see what I’d get for results. It seems to be printable.