Scale inside hole of solid without stretching

Hi guys,

I’m trying to scale the inside of this hole, from 24mm to 18 without stretching the top or bottom. How can I resize the hole. Without any artifacts.

Thanks so much

With “Scale tool” or with “Offset Tool” and “Extrude”, but it also depends on the shape of the object:

Thanks for that, I did try the scale tool, but it stretches it;


Here you can see in Cura, its slight, but it messes up the first layer of the print so the first layer is all wrong;


This is some thing ive imported in… But looking at that gif you posted. I might just make it myself.

Cant be that hard… I hope :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea, I appreciate it!

Did your imported model come in triangulated as shown in your first screen shot? If so, the first thing to do is clean that up. Your profile indicates you are using the free web-based version. If that’s so, erase all of the coplanar edges. There are extensions that could do this more quickly in the desktop client versions.

If you have some exact size you want the hole to be, you might find it easiest to remove the existing one and redraw it. And depending on what this thing is and how it will be used, it might make sense to use more sides in the circles to get a smoother hole.

If you upload the SKP file it would be easier to provide you with assistance specific to the model.