Help enlarging a stepped hole

Goodmorning. First post here and new to Sketchup.
I’m getting the grips with this wonderful software but now I’m stuck :smiley:

Looking to enlarge the whole on the top off box. There is two holes stepped. The top hole it’s 15mm and I whould like to enlarge it to 16mm and also i would like to adjust the depth too… but not sure how much right now till I do a test print… I’m stuck, so I’m looking for help please.

An explanation on how to do it would be much appreciated.

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I only see one stepped hole. You can use Offset and Push/Pull to enlarge the hole.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

Dave beat me to it! STL is not SketchUp’s native file format, and because STL uses exclusively triangles to represent surfaces whereas SketchUp uses arbitrary shaped planar faces, exporting to STL and then importing back to SketchUp will usually result in very different geometry!

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Sorry guys, i’m completely lost :frowning:

So I save it and reloaded but the geometry looks the same :frowning:

It looks like you didn’t save the file initially. You exported it to STL and then re-imported it to make the SKP.

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Thanks Dave.
Like I said, I’m a bit confused and new to this.

So what is the solution?

Sorry for been a numpty :frowning:

You can probably erase many of those coplanar edges forming the triangles but not all of the edges are coplanar and some of them shouldn’t be there… Personally, at this stage I would just start over since you need to clean it up and you want to modify it.

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The diagonals on the left are examples of edges that are problematic.

Are the dimensions shown all correct?

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Dave the dimensions are spot on. But my fault I uploaded the wrong file lol. This is the file with the 22mm hole not the 15mm. No matter though same file and same problem lol.

Many thanks

You may have forgotten the file.

I think you should still start over due to the issues already created and the need to modify the model further.


Not what I wanted to hear lol. This is a file from Thingieverce and I haven’t created it my self.
I whoult not know where to start. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a 3 minute model once you learn how to use the basics of the software.
It’s a 3 hour headache if you try to modify something produced in another format.


Thanks Box.

3 minute :stuck_out_tongue:
Guys I wish I had your talent but I haven’t.

Really? You want the width to be 46.008784mm?

Sorry. As Box said, it would be easier to draw it fresh than to try to fix the bad modeling you got from Thingiverse.

Time to start with some basics and learn SketchUp.

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Hmm not sure Dave why you got those dimensions.
They are different on mine?

I opened your SKP file and measured what was there. What are the dimensions supposed to be?

I just spent five minutes or so drawing a new, clean version of it although I rounded dimensions I picked from your model to the nearest hall mm.

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Thanks Dave :smiley:

That’s not any better than the SKP or STL file you posted earlier. Imported with millimeters as the units, it shows the same dimensions and it has the same garbage to deal with.

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