Change hole diameter in sldprt file

hi guys
I try to do this “simple” task in the part.
I download the trial l extension to open sldprt file in SketchUp but I don’t find the way to do it. Maybe someone can turn the light to me ?
Regards Doron

Most likely the easiest and fasted option is to delete the existing hole and redraw it at the proper size. You would get more information if you’d share the SKP file.

this is not a SKP file . It is a SolidWork SLDPRT file . I try to save it in SKP format and open again as SKP but without no change in results . the file is too big ~ 5M so I can upload it

I don’t understand what you mean. Your thread title indicates you want to change the diameter of a hole. You’re posting in the SketchUp forum. This implies you have imported the sldprt file into SketchUp. Saving it in SketchUp would create the SKP file. If the SKP file is too large to upload here, upload it to the 3D Warehouse and provide a link to it.

In any case, if you want to change the diameter of the hole in SketchUp, do as I already wrote. Delete the existing hole and redraw it.

Sounds to me like you simply need to buy solid works.

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probably an import with the trial of SimLabs SolidWorks Importer for SketchUp.

If you wanna do that on a regular basis or edit the hole as a so called ‘feature’ you may want use a NURBS based 3D surface and volume modeler preferrably in combination with a neutral 3D CAD data exchange format as STEP or SAT.

Thanks for try to help ,I got a copy of Solidworks and will try to do the change in original file