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I don’t want a feature, I have a problem. I Google searched and found "Section Plane/Cut and thought this was an answer to a work shortcut. I spent 3 days creating a building with a complex outside wooden ladder to the second floor…it is one of two buildings almost alike. The difference is only the length one is 182 feet and the other 116 feet. Since I didn’t want to start from scratch and recreate the 116 foot, I used the section cut and successfully chopped it off at the proper length. Now though I want a NEW building not the old 182 foot with an open back wall and can’t get rid of the section cut that I want removed completely. Can anyone tell me how or do I have to do the new building from scratch.

Since this isn’t a feature request I moved it out of the Feature Requests category.

If it’s an actual section cut, select the section cut plane and hit Delete. That’ll get rid of it.

thank you I only had 2 categories and I am free not pro. I hit delete and everything is deleted. I want the visible building to become a NEW building without the section cut section still there. Is there any way to do this?

I put your thread in the SketchUp and not the SketchUp Pro category for that reason.

Perhaps the section plane is inside a group/component. You would need to open the object for editing until you can select just the section plane.

You could share the .skp file with us so we can see exactly how you’ve set up the model and eliminate the guessing.

What do you mean by “categories”?
Post your model so we can have a clue about what you are struggling with.

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This is my VERY first time posting anything. I appreciate the immediate responses. I work in FS Developers with scenery and that is what this is for. Here is my file:

Building 524.skp (3.4 MB)

I don’t see any section planes at all in your model and Statistics doesn’t list any. Maybe you can show a screen shot of where you are seeing the section plane.

Screenshot - 10_24_2021 , 3_27_24 PM

I did fix some incorrect layer/tag usage.
Screenshot - 10_24_2021 , 3_20_20 PM

And purged the file of unused stuff reducing the file size by almost 24%. There does seem to be some excessive nesting in the model. Wouldn’t hurt to reduce the nesting.
Screenshot - 10_24_2021 , 3_20_34 PM

Building 524 purged.skp (2.6 MB)

Probably didn’t have a clue what I was doing to do it correctly. Since I have actually been able to separate the model and am now in the process of accomplishing what I want to do by exploding the group and selecting only the parts I want “Gone” I don’t need to take up your time but I really thank you all for your help and I will continue to be a part of the forum.