Trim a component against a wall

Plants don’t grow through walls! I can make the component unique and trim all the leaves one by one but was hoping for an extension or similar. I thought I could use the trim tool but I can’t get it to work. Thanks
plant.skp (127.2 KB)

Your profile says you are using the free version of SketchUp. That version has no facility to use extensions. If you are actually using SketchUp Pro, have a look at Zorro2 from Sketchucation. And please correct your forum profile.

Thanks - I’m on day 10 of a 30 day trial so early days yet! I can’t get Zorro2 to do the job either - I draw a zorro line up the edge of the wall and I was hoping it would split the component (tried ctrl key too). I must admit that the concept of a cut line in 3D space is confusing - shouldn’t it be a plane?

It’s still SketchUp Pro, not the Free Plan. Please correct you profile. That information helps us help you when it is correct.

Put a section plane in the plant component where you want to cut the leaves and use Slice at Section.

Ok thanks but as far as I can see the slice model at section tool (which is part of the Zorro extension - the clearest video I could find on using it was here btw: deletes anything to the other side of the slice - so in this case my wall is gone (or anything else on the other side of the wall). Is there a workaround? Thanks again.

Take note that @DaveR put the section in the Plant group. This limits the slicing to that group.
You can place it against the wall, then Cut it, open the group/component for editing, paste in place then slice and finish by deleting the section.

Fantastic -finally got there - thanks!