Plants visible through walls

Hello, does anyone know how to make a wall ‘solid’ so that the tree branches don’t go through it? Is there a way to bend the branches of the palm so that they conform to the limited corner space available? (Also same issue with fern branches go through the floor) Thanks!

Sketchup doesn’t have collision detection, so you need to trim off the parts you don’t want.

Hey, thanks so much for getting back to me! I gave it a go but it says that one of the selected objects isn’t a solid. The walls definitely are, and the plants and the walls are in separate groups, which makes me think it’s the palm tree that’s not a solid. Is there a way to make the palm tree a solid?

Poor flower! Why do you want to cut it… :blush:
… why not rather scaled it down? :thinking:

Not easily is the likely answer. You may do better to use Intersect with model and manually trim what you don’t need. Could be a bit time consuming. Alternatively, scale the tree down. you surely wouldn’t want one that size in that space.

Thanks again guys! I scaled down the tree but unfortunately still left with plants sticking out from the other corner of the little garden…maybe I’ll just photoshop the rendering after?

I wonder if a strategically-placed section cut (perhaps in the context of a group or component that includes all the offending plants) would help to hide the protruding bits and pieces?