Trimble Support Unresponsive for Deactivated G-Suite Account Lockout, need Phone Number

Hello Community,

I am an educator who has been separated from my prior employing district and is now locked out from the SketchUp 2019 Pro subscription that I had until March 2020 because my institutional account (G-Suite) was deactivated. I used the G-Suite/Google login to sign into Trimble and Sketchup, but because that email was deactivated upon my separation that way of logging in does not work.

When I selected the “Forgot Password” option to see if by any chance the district’s IT set up an email forward to my personal email, no email with the “Create new password” link for my deactivated account came through. However, when I did the same with my personal email account, it did, which helped me to verify that the password reset was working on the Trimble/Sketchup end and that the password reset emailed to my deactivated email was not being forwarded to my personal email.

I had created a SketchUp support ticket for this issue, but the email responder said it was a Trimble issue, provided me the Trimble support email (supposedly), and suggested I try the password reset option, even though I had explained how I had done so and why it hadn’t worked in my support request.

I forwarded the message to the Trimble email provided, but I haven’t received a response in weeks! I am reaching out here because the summer is nearing its end, and I am itching to regain access to the Pro subscription so I can bring to my new classroom (in whatever school I end up in) several finished landscape architecture, biomicry, and engineering design cycle project end products to serve as examples of things that students can create as we go from ecological, to evolutionary, to environmental topics of study.

Please help!

Why not contact your prior employing district?
Apparently, they ‘owned’ the assets (subscription)
They should be able to reassign it to you in their AMP.

You cannot delete the Trimble ID if you do not have access (which is a good thing, btw) to get the assets ‘back’ that were assigned to you.

The one who pays, plays

The problem with ID’s being hooked to an email address being the ‘unique identifier’ is that you have to have access to that email account in order to be identified and aknowledged that you have a problem with it.

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