Locked out of SketchUp!

Does Trimble always have unhelpful customer service? Yesterday I was a fully paid, registered, authorized SU user with 10 months left on my registration plan. Today I am locked out of SketchUp and told my plan expired. Customer Support started to respond but now they have vanished. I have work to do, but this is a waste.

Do others have this problem? Does this happen frequently? Is there a problem with their registration system? Does Trimble support professional users who have problems? Is Trimble customer support any good?

Some of the support team are in Europe, some in Colorado. Whoever was helping you may have finished working for the day.

If you are signing into SketchUp using the email you use in the forum, it looks like it should be working ok. I did find a couple of other gmail addresses for your name, which I think isn’t that common a name. One of the email addresses started with ‘joelme’, and the other started with ‘joel3d’.

Is there a chance that Google is signing you in under one of those addresses?

Thanks Collin. Yes, the problem began when I attempted to login with the wrong address. Now I cannot go back and use the correct one. But that cannot be an uncommon error. There should be an easier way.

Figured it out. Back in again … but Trimble gets a D in customer support for this one.

What was the actual problem and what did you figure out?

I wish I could tell you the steps that worked. I tried and retried so many things I cannot remember.
I was able to logout of the wrong address, then figured out how to log in with the correct info.

Something I have noticed, that may have been the case here, is that Google sign in will use your last successful email that signed in, and if you were still signed into anything Trimble, with that other email address, Google uses it again for the SketchUp sign in.

One way that has worked for me is to open sketchup.com and sign out, and then try the sign in from SketchUp.

I use google, too. I always type in both my email addresses when I sign in to google email. That way both emails occur when I’m logging in to SketchUp or anything else. I then click on the correct email address before typing in the password. Just saying.

I had difficulties with V-Ray that were resolved by switching from Google login to a simple e-mail and password login.