Trimble accepted payment

… but now I am unble to sign-in. Have the email from Trimble showing the access to SketchUp Shop on Feb 24. But now the email address I used shows up as “This username does not exist.” Theirehelp section lacks any information on how to solve this and conveniently they have no other way to contact them.

Anyone else have this issue before I dispute the charge on my credit card.


Before you dispute the charge on your credit card, contact Customer Support and give them a chance to help you.

Dave, thanks for the suggestion but they have NO obvious way to contact customer support.

You mean the Customer Support Center link on the Contact Us page from the Contact Us link at the bottom of the front page at

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Dave, yes exactly that page. Click Customer Support Center and it takes you on a ride to other online troubleshooting files. Follow the lead to Technical Services and you have to sign in to ask a question.

I expect @colin with see your thread shortly and sort you out.

That is what I am hoping for with this thread. Really like the product and would prefer not to use the “dispute” sledge hammer to get someone to help with a simple issue

I expect it is a simple fix.

If you checked the ‘Hide my email’ option, the Trimble ID is not the same as your ‘normal’ email adres. You need to log in in the same manner as you did when you bought it.

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When you bought Shop you gave your Yahoo email address, but then afterwards made a Trimble ID with your Gmail address. The Gmail one only knows that you have SketchUp Free, and the Yahoo one does indeed not yet exist.

If you go here:

and use the Create a Trimble ID option to make an account using your Yahoo email, then after the email confirmation to set up the account, go to this page:

I think that Shop will then show up. If you prefer to use your Gmail for signing in, you can assign Shop to that email instead of the Yahoo one.

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A simple fix indeed.