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I doubt this is right place to ask this question, but I can’t get a response from SketchUp Corporation itself. I need my account within the SketchUp cart application cleaned up so I can buy the product. I’ve sent numerous requests to SketchUp, and receive no response. Still can not buy it. I’m sure I can create a new email account and that will likely work. However, I am not buying something for $300/year if they can’t manage a basic cart application.

So, if anyone can put me in touch with someone from SketchUp, that would be great.

Cookies cleared and all that sort of thing. Latest FireFox, Chrome, up to date macos, but not Catalina. I am not about to clear cache or all cookies. That is just non-sense. In Firefox, you can easily clear recent cookies. Account name matches the email on this account. Domain is gmail dot com.



What do you mean with cart application, the store?
Do you have an (activated) Trimble ID?

The activation link in the email expires after three days. That email usually ends up in your spam folder. If you have not activated within 72 hours, your ‘reserved’ Trimble ID will be deleted. You would have to create a new one (same email address is possible, because it was deleted)

Once you have an active Trimble ID, it might work better to buy something in the Trimble Store

Yes, I mean the store. The ID is fully active and I have a 30 day trial. My second. Anyhow, I want to make the purchase. In order to do so, the store wants me to fill out my address, phone etc. After doing so, selecting “search”, my town and state appear based on my zip. I then click “Continue” (I think) and then I get an error saying the site can’t update my account, please click the support link below. There is no such link. I’ve sent numerous messages to Trimble via the helpdesk. I’ve never received a response. I’ve never had so much trouble trying to give a company money.

To be clear: fully logged in to the store. I’ve set my address in my profile. I don’t know why it’s asking again.



Yeah, I reassigned to the Technical Problems category.

You also have these places …

That might be the culprit, we have had some trouble with a trial link that directed trial users to the storefront and beach (ball)

‘We’ not being Trimble, but Distributor selling subscriptions for them.

@colin might have a suggestion?

I’ll make sure this gets the attention of folks who can help you. Sorry you’re having so much trouble trying to make a purchase @mikeporterinmd and thanks for letting us know.


Sorry you’re seeing that issue. If you’re having trouble, you can contact support here or just call our Sales team directly to help you with your purchase issue. You can reach our Sales team Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain time at 1-303-546-1100.

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Tech support from Sketchup and/or Trimble have reached out to me. I’m sure we’ll get it solved soon.

Most of the problem was “click the support link below”, but there was no support link. And the general support pages went unanswered.