Serious unresolved login problem

Been using Sketchup Free on Web for several months and created several models. Recently attempted to login and retrieve my files via Trimble. But interface keeps telling me my email address is not valid / doesn’t exist.
Have emailed Trimble and received Ticket number response, promising to investigate, then received mail saying my email address does not exist on their system. I have used this address for past 12 years. As sketchup requires valid email for access and I have used the software many times this is bizarre. Just telephoned Trimble ( their incoming mail indicates that my ticket number closed but if issue unresolved to telephone ) agent says I should contact Sketchup Customer Support. They do not appear to have any live people. Consequently hoping that one of you kind souls can offer me some help, cos I am frustrated that I cannot retrieve my files.

Thanks your time.

They do have live people but they get Sundays off to spend with their families. Perhaps you’ll be able to get some assistance from them on Monday when they are in the office

Can you log in to your AMP with that email address?

Trimble Account Manager

Thanks you very much indeed for your prompt respinse,

Afraid I’m not sure what an AMP is ?

All I know is that for several months I have been able to log in and retrieve my saved files but now I appear not to exist.

AMP=Account Management Portal

If you use Free, you can enter your Trimble ID to log into your account,
then try to launch the app from within ( this will only work if your trial for desktop 2019 has not ended, though:

It’s true, we do get Sundays off, but many of us still watch the forums.

I’m not sure when Trimble ID itself was set up, but 12 years ago is long enough that it was before SketchUp went to Google, let alone go on to Trimble.

Is it possible that you usually sign in with your Google ID? That is always an option in the sign in screens, including the AMP one that Mike mentioned. Try using the Sign in with Google option.

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