Account cancellato per errore

ho cancellato il mio account per errore; non posso più accedere al mio abbonamento sketchup pro annuale in corso di validità: come si contatta il servizio clienti?

Did you bought it directly?
Or via a reseller nearby?
They should be able to add another email address.
The thing is, if you delete an account, you might have deleted your Trimble ID.
But you had to click on a confirmation button in the email that was sent to you.
Did you click on that confirmation button?
Then it will take three days before you could recreate that Trimble ID with the same email.

thank you; sorry for my bad english.
I bought it directly.
I clicked on that confirmation button in the mail.
So now I have to wait for three days to re-create a new TrimbleID with the same mail-address and password?
And then I will be able to associate my account and my license?


If you have another email address that is also an activated Trimble ID, you could reach out for support:

and have that email address added to the members section.

I am not sure if the recreated Trimble ID automatically get’s the plan associated with it (eg. Be the account owner)
Some manual interaction is needed.
Maybe @colin could intervene…

ho fatto come tu mi hai suggerito:
ma non riesco ad inviare la richiesta di assistenza.
sono disperata

Ai! That’s one of the flaws in the support ticketing system; you’re probably can’t get through because your Trimble ID (or email) is deleted and you need either a Trimble ID that has a subscription or a classic license with maintenance (few have one, btw).

Yet, the problem is your deleted Trimble ID…

Maybe, this suppport email can help:

But, the fastest way is to create an alternative Trimble ID and start the trial.
Then wait a few days and recreate the original.
Then contact support at SketchUp, again, the system should recognize it.

FWIW I believe that it is too easy to delete the Trimble ID. It’s not clear that you can’t delete one account (eg. ‘personal’ ) and instead, your Trimble ID get’s deleted and access to the plans you have (accounts)
At least, you should be directed to this page: