In my Portal - It's show that the name of profile is not the same and I can't unassign a SketchUp license

Hi Support,
In my Portal, It’s show that the name of profile not same and i can’t unassign a sketchup license to available, how i can do with this situation

It’s can’t assign a license from to available license
Please kindly help me to fix this bug issue

Best Regards,
Patipharn Saptaksina

The Trimble ID (emailaddress) that states ‘Deleted!’ will release the ‘Asset’ (=seat) if that Trimble ID has actually clicked on the received confirmation link in his/her inbox. If not clicked on that confirmation link (Are you sure you want to delete…etc) within 72 hours or 3 days, it should be available back again, if clicked on that confirmation within that period, it should be available directly.

Please note that if you try to delete an Account (eg. personal or 'purchased via reseller…) you actually delete the Trimble ID and any assigned assets will be lost (not really lost, but not accesible for you anymore in the AMP)
So you won’t see it anymore when signed in as the deleted (but not confirmed) Trimble ID, because by now, the asset or seat is already taken away.

consider ‘accounts’ being bankaccounts, which you can have many off and not confuse it with the Trimble ID itself, of which there can only be one. The moment you say you want to give up your bankaccount, the bank stalls your money somewhere else untill you come get it personal.

( in the eyes of Oracle-programmers, it might make sense and it’s perfectly logical, but normal people have a different kind of logic)

Your reseller or distributor should be able to speed things up, they can revoke the asset and assign it to another Trimble ID (this needs to be done in another level).
Contact them directly.

Btw. the top product user doesn’t have an active Trimble ID, yet.
This makes me suspect that emails coming from are being filtered by the domain you all seem to be using. You’ll find all the confirmation and activation links probably in the spambox.

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Great to say a license will be available now.
Thank you for your kindly help to me.

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