Trimble sms verification code not received

I cannot get into sketch up pro 2022 when I sign into Trimble my password is accepted but the code never arrives on my phone. I emailed support over 4 days ago with no response (not cool). Already missed a major deadline and totally lost as to how to get back up and running. Any ideas?

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Something may have changed since you made your post. Your email looks like it is set up ok. You used your hotmail address, and signing in within SketchUp should be working.

I’m not sure why you didn’t hear from support, but wonder if the problem that prevented the verification code getting through also stopped replies from support.

It’s 7:35am on Saturday, I’m unlikely to make contact with colleagues for now. On Monday I will ask support to at least see if they received a message from you, and if they replied.

appreciate you taking a look. will try again today. it is just the sms verif code to phone not working. i can change the password and get verif code to email. i would turn off MFA but no way for me to do it without phone code. it was MFA was working without issue up until a week ago.


MFA is fixed, got the code on phone. Thanks for your help someone must have been listening.

hi! i also have this problem with my account. cant get verification code.

p.s. right now i am writing from another account, because i can not get into the main one.

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I have the same problem!
I don’t get a code it’s nowhere to be found.
Normally I get a code but now not… it’s really weird…
If someone can maybe help?
Thank youuuuu