I don't receive a code from TRIMBLE to login into my SketchUp

I’m Dachny Janssens a student who uses SketchUp for school every day.
When I log in to my SketchUp, they ask me to log back into TRIMBLE.
I’ve had to do this a few times before and never had a problem with it, but now I do.
When I log in to TRIMBLE they say they’ve sent a code via my e-mail. But I didn’t receive any e-mail and I’ve searched everywhere, it’s nowhere.
Normally i would just receive this e-mail with this code and get on with the day but now I don’t and i don’t now why.
Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
Thank you.

Hi Dachny is the code that is being requested for MFA (Multi Factor Autentication) ? if it is please email me with a screenshot of the window asking for the verification code and I can request for it to be disabled for you.

The SketchUp Support Team at Trimble Inc.

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Normally the photo is linked in here, I hope it works :slight_smile:
It’s in Dutch but I can translatie it:

Enter verification code
Enter the code generated by your verification application in the field below.

I don’t really know if they’re asking for a MFA… I think so?
Sorry that I can’t really help further.
Thank you though for helping!!! :slight_smile: