Not Receiving Sign-In Verification Code

I’m having an issue getting a verification code so that I can sign in to SketchUp. This has happened before. I’ve now reached the maximum number of requests to re-send the code. I’m essentially stuck sitting here until I can request another code and hope it comes. This is not the first time I’ve been locked out.

Can someone help me get in?

Also, given that this issue keeps happening for people (there are other posts with the same issue), is another verification option being explored?


Text messages can be delayed for several reasons.
We usually advice to have several options for enabling MFA.
It can be set via

There is an option for email, authentication app and sms.

Recently added is the passkey:

Thanks Mike.

Unfortunately I’m still locked out 24 hours later. Ironically, without the text message, I can’t sign in to my Trimble Account to change from SMS to a passkey. I’ve submitted a support ticket.