Trimble saying you have too many seats? I can't believe I am the only one?

Tried a doing the *de-authorization of devices did it eight times no change still getting same message. I am thinking it is Trimble’s greed but if that were the case a lot of people would be experiencing a similar fate. What would be the purpose? I paid first of the year $300.00 for the upgrade and now it is end of August and they still won’t release it too me.

paste this

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp

into the bar at the top of file explorer

Delete the file called _login_session.dat

Restart your computer

Sign in Again

I’ll give Tommy’s solution a try in the morning.

Thanks for your response.
Sorry for the delay having some health issues. I do not have android or windows I work with Macs.

Your profile says you are using 10.12.6. Is that still correct? What version of SketchUp? Please complete/update your forum profile.

On a Mac it is in
/Users/yourid/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2022/SketchUp
(Note:the spaces matter in that path. I’m on my phone where I don’t know how to type the backticks that would make that more obvious :thinking:)

Thanks everyone the new version is out but I am leary about being stiffed for another $300 bucks for a program that does not work? If anyone knows someone at Trimble that can guarantee it will work on my laptop please let me know. I am on Mojave but going to upgrade to 13.3. Thanks again Steve
PS My wife and I are moving so my responses may be lacking in immediacy?

There’s no reason why it wouldn’t work on your laptop, sketchup 2023 has support for MacOS Ventura

Well I paid for last years upgrade and every time I went to install it , I got the message “You have too many seats” and would not install? It was total bullshit. I was screwed out of $300.00 bucks. I spent hours following everyone’s suggestion and nothing would work to let it release to my laptop?

If you got that message it means that you or someone else using your account was using sketchup on a different machine.
Check this up, it may help you to manage your seats.

That link is to buy more seats (add seats to the plan-settings)
I think @stephenerugg already has a seat and doesn’t want to buy additional, but gets his bought one to work.
The message simply implies that the Trimble ID is logged in the maximum allowed sign ins.
(One Seat can be logged into three devices)
Note, a device is actually a version of SketchUp, so if you are logged in in SketchUp 2021 and SketchUp 2023 on a machine, it counts as two devices (from one seat)
Even buying extra seats for a Trimble ID would not create additional sign ins!
Eg. Each Trimble ID still can only be signed in on maximum three devices, regardless having one or two seats assigned…

First, go to and manage your devices:
My Products > View included Apps > manage devices

Then, in SketchUp itself, sign out by clicking on the person in the top right of the welcome screen or via the [menu] Help > sign out

Exit SketchUp via [menu] File > Quit

Start SketchUp again.

That link isn’t to buy more seats, it’s a help page where there are links to either buy more seats or manage the ones you have, he may need to close sessions in other machines that are using his license either with or without his knowledge.

So this might be more appropriate:

Thanks everyone it is very frustrating, I did spent many hours last year deauthorizing, fiddling with preferences, trying many times to reinstall etc. My iMac is not upgradeable and would not accept 2022; it barely works with 2021. The ONLY computer I have that the new version would be compatible with, is my 2019 laptop. Upgradeable,I hope, to ventura. At 75 I am not keen on spending a bunch of money on more seats, I do not need or want, but also not fast enough to use several devices myself? One thing that has always been a thorn in my Trimble/Sketchup account is they have me in there under two different emails? No one seems to be able to correct that and I am leary about eliminating the wrong one??? Thanks again for your help.

You can pm me the emailaddress (click my avatar)

Just wanted to touch base with you Mike. I had to relocate because wife was not doing well, she will be 80 in February. What ever the programmers did to cause the download think my one and only laptop was too many seats seems to have vanished in the upgrade 2023. Everything is working fine now and I have undated all my extensions. I just lost out on last years $300.00 upgrade. Just wanted to say thanks to you and the forum for your help. I tried all the suggestions without any solutions for last years upgrade. The $300 wasn’t bad enough but the hours spent trying to get it to work did not help and could have been hours of billing. Thanks again you guys on this forum are very helpful just poor programming error I guess. Steve Rugg