Trimble Connect Visualizer

I have downloaded the msi installer and the RBZ file and loaded both of them. I see the extension in the extension manager and the extension menu. I see the visualizer in Programs under the control panel. Clicking on the extension in the menu does nothing? I have published my test model to TC and I can access it in TC with no issue. My question is how do I get the model from SU or TC into the visualizer? I was hoping that clicking on the extension in the extension menu would launch the Visualizer.


Did you restart SketchUp after you installed it? I’ve had it installed for a while. Just clicked on Visualizer in the Extension menu and it worked right away as expected.

Yes restarted numerous times. Had a free morning so thought I would do a little self training bur mostly messing around with the install.

This is on the Desktop version of TC… the small orange sun-cube-shadow icon will launch TC Visualizer.

TC Vis button

Note, it will open the standalone version of TC Visualizer (I believe).

The extension version loads from here:

Vis Extension

This one will allow you to manipulate the SU model while viewing changes in TC Visualizer.

Try launching from TC Desktop 3D View mode… sketchy here but it may require SteamVR to run (and may initiate that for you). If that works, then try the extension.

The extension Connect Visualizer menu option does nothing. I don’t see a small orange sun shadow icon on my desktop version. I cant say I see it in the image you posted unless you are refer to on the the small red square on the bottom right of each drop down menu. under model selection?

Could it be opening on a different monitor or in the background?

Nope checked all my monitors. I have removed the extension and TC and reinstalled as aadmin. and its just not functioning. I just wanted to try out teh visualizer I can stick with my rendering package.

Not a ‘small’ button; a ‘micro’ button:
TC Vis button scribble

I’m looking now for the download…

yeah but that’s in Trimble Connect right ?

Mballes is looking for TCV to work in Sketchup.

Mballes, you’re still on SU22 ? @TheCGO can probably confirm, but I thing TCV is too recent, its compatibility is listed as 2023 only for now.

that might be the problem here.


I think this version uses SteamVR. I have the SU headset viewers installed, so I just can’t recall if Visualizer loads that ‘extra’ stuff.

For the desktop TC you need to install the Trimble Connect Visualiser module

I completely overlooked that icon, loaded right up after clicking it.


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Yes I am still using 2022, 2023 has been to unstable to try and use full time right now. I do have 2023 loaded and will attempt the extension from there.


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You are right, TCV requires SU 2023, as it introduces support for exporting TrimBIM files (the format used by Trimble Connect in the background), which is needed by the TCV SU extension.