Trimble Connect Visualizer available on the SketchUp Extension Warehouse

I am happy to announce that we now have an extension created for the Trimble Connect Visualizer which allows you to launch it directly from SketchUp! This is possible due to the fact that SketchUp 2023 now supports the native format of Trimble Connect (TrimBIM). The FOV and camera position is synchronized from SketchUp to TCV. Enjoy.

This is the Windows version of the extension, but we do have a Mac version ready for publishing if there is interest.

Kim Nyberg
Senior Technology Director, Trimble


Yes please to Mac version

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The Mac version is available now.


That would be this link:

Trimble Connect Visualizer (Mac) | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

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The extensions do not have an EW icon. This icon must be manually added to the extension product in EW. (It’s not yet a part of the extension package.)

Once available in the EW, this icon will appear in the client Extension Manager listing.

Notice in the screenshot below that the main TC extension has it’s icon, and 2 of ThomThom’s extensions above and below in the list have his “cookieware” icon.

When an EW extension does not have an uploaded icon, a generic gray ruby icon is displayed by the manager.

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Thanks for the info, will add that to the next version. The Mac version has an icon (which is just the thumbnail for now), the Windows version probably had it originally, but there was a bit of a mishap in the process that dropped that.


that’s nice. a way to make clean quick renders with soft shadows and a bit of ambiant occlusion without needing to fire the big guns.

2-3 things, development ideas if you want :

  • not tooltips. you hover on the tools, no tooltips, ni idea what they do. I ended up clicking on everything, but I probably passed next to something
  • I’m not sure how the material panel works. it showed empty, all I could do is click the eye to switch it all monochromatic (and adjust the solo material there)
  • I was gonna ask about the image size, but then I noticed you export in 1920 AND 3840 wide at the same time. big is good. it’s always possible to reduce later. it’s fine
  • scenes. I understand there is the possibility to make an animation (one of the bottom button), this file has a 24 scene for a 360° video, sadly the scenes didn’t get transported.

I’m not a big fan of rendering tools. I did some artlantis back in architecture school, had a quick try of thearender, kerkythea and vray, and a few years ago was taught twinmotion.
Considering the images I (rarely) produce, your tech solution would actually do the trick most of the time, and I sould easily include it in my classes as a way to get clean soft images

I’ll keep an eye on the updates


@TheCGO - Is there any kind of detailed documentation for this tool (specifically for using within SketchUp?)

I’m assuming there is some way to edit materials in the tool, for example, and it just pops up an empty window and won’t let me select anything in the model. I just want to make sure I understand the capabilities of what it can/can’t do.


This reminds me of the render software vizualiser years ago. Is this it?

Great to incorporate for our class lessons as a toe dipper into rendering and animation :ok_hand:

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yeah, and it doesn’t need much really.

I’d say scene integration, in both photo and animation export, and a basic material tool, no need to be super complex like vray, even the ability to select a material and say if it’s a metal, a glass, mate or glossy would help a lot.

and the ability to save parameters. I don’t have SU on me right now, can’t check, but I think when I did the test above, I couldn’t find a way to save parameters applied. don’t know if it’s automated (auto saved within the SU file) or if it’ll reset when I quit and relaunch. I will try later today.

I’m gonna have to find 20 minutes somewhere. I’ll probably cut layout a bit, anyway, I’ve read on this forum layout is an useless ■■■■, I’m sure it’ll be fine :clown_face:

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Love the enviromental effects , the water… i need a holiday

Ive had to close vizualiser and restart to notice changes to materials unless theres some trick
To autoupdate with Viz remaining open.

Hi, at the moment material editing is only available for Tekla and Trimble Quadri models, as they are exporting IFC material data that we are using. We will be discussing materials with the SU team longer term, to enable more advanced visualizations.

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No, there was an older extension for SU called the Visualizer. This one was originally created as a simple visualization tool for Trimble Tekla Structures users, and was adopted by our civil design software Trimble Quadri as well as Trimble Connect for Windows quite quickly after that. The idea is indeed to get users into the wonderful world of rendering, without being too complex to use.


Hi Kim, I´m having trouble installing the plugin.
It appears as a native tool, but after exporting process no image is generated.
I´ve already tried to uninstall and reinstall to see if it works but unsuccesfully.
the only clue that I found is this message

I´ll appreciate if you could help me.

you know how sometime you realise you were actually stupid for a longer period of time than you’re willing to admit ?

I’m used to twinmotion, where you open a separate software and import your file, and artlantis way before that - same deal.

So since the mac version, whenever I’ve used TCV I’ve had the window on my main screen, messing around in it. besides, I often work in parallel, TCV is in perspective, didn’t look further.

I just saw this post on instagram

it’s live navigation. Off course it is.
So when I’m asking for scene integration, It’s already there. click on your scene in SU and voilà.

silly me.

However @TheCGO there is one button needed : update
because right now, on mac at least, if I change a material or delete something, I’ll need to quit and relaunch the extension to see change. It would be nice to have a simple update button in TCV

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Take a look at The SketchUp Essentials on YouTube… that guys makes videos of all kinds of extensions!

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So.many options … but. Where are the most streamlined workflows to.make more profit in the pocket for business?

Visualizer has alot of potential for those that want a quick vizual dont you think?

I hear he’s a distant third to the second place guy Aaron and someone named…Bonnie :rofl:


This could be the long time requested native rendering engine tool for sketchup. I haven’t tried yet but looks interesting. I use twinmotion and enscape I will make some rendering test and post the results of the 3 different engines.

hello, please if you understand how work materials tray in TC vizualizer, please share.
thanks in advance.
I wrote topic about it, but … no voice :slight_smile: