Trimble Connect Visualizer available on the SketchUp Extension Warehouse

for now it doesn’t in SU. yet.


I am using a monitor with my MacBook Pro. I moved the TVC window to my MacBook monitor. When trying to move it back to the larger display, TVC crashes. This is an error message I get.

well… there is no data on this extension yet, no user guide, no faq… it’s brand new.

short of asking @TheCGO to have a look at this when he comes by, I’m not sure what else can be done.
does it work before the crash at least ?

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Hmm, need to see if I can repro on my MacBook Air M1 and external monitor. The error message you are seeing is coming from TCV because it has been launched without a .trb file as a parameter, and it tries to load an internal test file we are using (but not shipping) by default. This could be a Unity3D automatic restart feature on the Mac after a crash. Unfortunately we have not been testing the Mac version very extensively yet, as TCV has been available on Windows only until the release of the SU extension. A bit busy this week and next week with an internal robotics/AI workshop and customer site visit in Norway. So many cool things, so little time.


when I download it and try to use it in Sketchup pro 2022 it tells me:
Visualizer is required but it’s not installed. Quit Sketchup and get the installer here:
when I go to downloads and try to open it it opens a 2018 version of sketchup… what did I do wrong?

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it’s SU2023 minimum, it uses some trimbim compatibility.
so off course it won’t work in SU22

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After seeing the tutorial ‘Instant renders for FREE with Trimble Connect Visualizer’, I was excited and installed the extension.

But I am experiencing the same as @Chip_Cookie @tatiana.soares

Is there any setting I still need to make for this extension / App to work?

@TheCGO Hi Kim, I don’t know if I should address my message to you, but what can I do to resolve this issue? Can you say a little more about this?

He doesn’t seem to come around here often, but on the extension warehouse, you can contact him directly

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Hi, have been a bit busy with a Boston Dynamics robotics project and some PTO. First question is just to make sure that you are running SU 2023? Edit: Yes, you obviously are :slight_smile: Also, did you give the extension access to the file system when installing it? It needs to write the exported TrimBIM file into the location of the extension.

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I tried to repro this today on my MacBook M1 and an external monitor. Unfortunately (?) I was not able to reproduce the crash yet.

This is great news!

I use visualizer a fair bit…its handy (but syncing with TC can take a long time).

Please * please * please *

Can we launch visualizer direct from LayOut!?

It’s the perfect tool to render a sketchup model view directly on a sheet. It could appear as one of LayOut’s rendering mode options (we’d have Raster, Vector, Hybrid…and Visualisered).


Or as a style option in SketchUp. “Rendered” views with a live link to the model would be a great asset. I understand that some render plugins do texture baking but updating that seems cumbersome to me.

@TheCGO out of curiosity does this use CPU or GPU for rendering? Thanks

It’s a real-time renderer, so it uses both. GPU is the more important part here

You are correct, as this is based on Unity3D, GPU is important. That said, getting surprisingly good results even on a Mac M1 as well as an Intel EVO i7 with Iris Xe graphics.

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I created a new build with the latest version of TCV. Did a quick smoke test on my Mac M1, seems to work. Uninstall current version and download test version here:



M series gpu’s are quite powerful though.

@Elmtec-Adam @TheCGO :+1: