A plugin I can't install from extension warehouse

I recently installed Kim Nyberg’s “trimble connect visualizer” plugin. I was happy with it.
But then I purged my old versions of sketchup… which uninstalled all my plugins :/.
I reinstalled all my favorite plugins without any problem from extention warehouse. Except trimble connect visualizer for mac, because when I click on the “install” button, it freezes on the colored wheel.
Do you have any idea how to solve the problem?

Hi I have forwarded your issue to Kim’s team, and they will reply directly on the forum.
I am interested in understanding your use of TCV. I see you operate a furniture and fitting workshop in France, what do you use TCV for ? What are you trying to achieve with the rendering /visualization from TCV? And how do you usually use TCV in your workflow? Post-modelling in SketchUp OR during working in SketchUp, do you use TCV to check for design options during iteration? Do you use any other commercial renderers like V-Ray, enscape or twinmotion? If you do, how does working with TCV fit in with your other rendering workflows?

I would recommend deleting the downloaded file and trying to install again. It is possible that the installer got corrupted or something.

Also, close down and reopen SketchUp and start installing the extension first thing.

The extension is 140mb, which is considerably larger than most - it may take longer than normal to download/install.

You could try downloading RBZ file via the website instead of inside of SketchUp.

Trimble Connect Visualizer (Mac) | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Then use the extension manager to install it

Thank you @Elmtec-Adam
This solution worked.
My internet connection is not very good. But normally a few minutes are enough to download 140mo.
With the colored wheel I had no idea what the computer was doing. And meanwhile I couldn’t use sketchup.
By downloading from a browser and with the information that the .rbz is fat, I was able to wait long enough.

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I’m not a big user of realistic rendering.
But on certain projects, these images allow customers to better understand what’s going on. That’s why I sometimes use them to illustrate a project.
I’ve tried several simple engines, such as Twinmotion or enscape. I really like enscape, but it’s too expensive to produce just a few dispensable images a month.
What I like about TCV is that rendering is pretty fast, even on my old Mac - of course it starts to fan a lot :slight_smile:
Of course, TCV’s rendering is far from brilliant. But it’s enough to provide a visual that’s different from the raw sketchup visual. I only use TCV when the sketchup drawing is finished, to send it to the customer as an introduction to the sketchup visuals.

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