Trimble Connect. "Upload Failed" and SU21 file not opening in 3D viewer

Cool, I will try that. Too bad TC can’t return that information about special characters in a dialogue box instead of failing inexplicably. I’ll rename the file and try without special characters. That’s too bad as the file names will not match across google drive, drop box and my hard drive which all seem to support the special characters just fine.

UPDATE: The renamed file uploaded ok but fails to open. Is there a secret to then opening the file for view within TC. Do I need to wait for it to process? Can TC handle SU 2021 files?

Thanks for your help, I’m getting closer!


Would you like to create a share link for that file and send it to one of us in a private message, if you don’t want the whole world to see it? I wonder if there’s something up with the model itself. If there aren’t issues with the model itself, then the issue is with Trimble Connect, and you would need to reach out to that team at
There is an odd bug right now when you create a share link and you try to make it so that “Anyone with the link can view” – you have to add an email address to the field to create that open share link. It can be anybody’s email, even your own. Once you do that, you can generate the link and share it with anybody. We have a ticket out there trying to make the email field not a required field for that particular setting. If that sounds good to you though, then I’d be happy to take a look at the SketchUp model.

Some programs will forgive special characters in file names, but it’s really a good practice to not use them. In any program. Some characters are fine, such as - or _

I agree, though, that they should have an error message if the special characters are prohibiting an upload. Would you mind sending an email to Trimble Connect at the above email address, requesting that they create a bug ticket about that?

I just went through the same steps and figuring this out as well. I’m also a MacOS user, and so used to greater freedom in naming stuff. I suspected character issues, and finally noticed if you hovered over the error message, it gave you a hint. That was a mighty subtle way of communicating.

Hi Katya,

FWIW although I have had success in publishing a file to Trimble Connect and then opening it in the viewer, I uploaded one about 4 hours ago and got the same “File failed to load” message. The file’s name is ‘three cricket tables.skp’ no special or weird characters and not a terribly large file at 8.72 Mb.

Thanks for trying to sort this out @Katya, I appreciate your help. I had dug into TC a bit last year but found it did not quite meet my needs, however I’ve been reading lately about some of the changes to the model sharing options that have got me excited to try it out again.

So, after some more experimentation I’m beginning to believe this may be a compatibility issue with the new .skp file format in SU21? The attached files are identical geometry, one saved as SU21 and one back-saved as SU20.

They both upload fine to TC storage. But the SketchUp20 version loads in the viewer and the 21 version fails.

I’ll send this info and the test files to the email you shared in your earlier post as well.


tctest1v21.skp (935.0 KB)
tctest2v20.skp (1.8 MB)


To recap, we have resolved the “failed to upload” issue as being a special character problem, but you have discovered there is a “failed to load” problem. I can reproduce it as well. I did some digging and found an internal bug number SKEXT-3089 that looks like it might be related. It looks like the latest version of 2021 is having trouble loading as a 3D model in Trimble Connect. The model opened just fine in SketchUp.

Besides saving files is 2020, there is another workaround to viewing the files online: in the file Explorer view of Trimble Connect, please check the box to the left of the SketchUp 2021 file. If your window was wide enough, that should open up some options on the right, one of which is to “Edit in SketchUp.” That will open up the file in SketchUp for Web. Anybody you share this model with should have the option to open the file in SketchUp for Web, but you might have to walk them through that step.

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I added the link to this forum post to the SKEXT-3089 bug report, and asked for an update. Hopefully this will get fixed soon!

Maybe time to share a project with the TC-guys😉…
With the release of 2021, back in November, it took some months.
The workaround back then involved a conversion of the file in the Trimble Connect for Windows desktop app.

But I like to demo on Mac…

With that release, the new fileformat was also introduced as being the one to get rid of the old version compatibilty problems.

As a true Trimble Connect Paladin or Padawan, I figuered that all these issues would vanish once TC got to know how to convert the .skp into a trimbim.

And not be surprised with every minor release.

Maybe, SketchUp could add an option in the desktop to save as ‘trimbim’ format.


Workarounds are for Make users, Pro’s who pay wanna play😃


Seems like there should be a new automated test somewhere in Trimble. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Katya and all. I sent this in to connect-support and recieved an email back from them this morinig. They confirm that the current edition of Trimble Connect 3D viewer cannot open SketchUp21. Apparently the SketchUp plugin for the 3D viewer has not been updated. They created a ticket TCS-3744 for this issue. Their workaround suggestion was to use Trimble Connect for Windows app to view models until the issue is resolved, which being on a Mac is a non starter for me. An easier workaround I think is to back-save files to 20 for now.

At least attention is brought to this issue and let’s hope the 3D viewer gets fixed soon.


Thanks for sharing the update and the bug number on their side. I will keep poking at it!


Update: This Trimble Connect bug has been marked as “Critical” to fix, which is as high as it goes as far as priority labels go. It’s higher than High.
Development can take a while, so I can’t comment as to timelines, but I wanted to share that it’s a top priority.


Hi, that’s High enough for me!

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The bug where 2021 SketchUp files couldn’t be opened in the TC 3D Viewer as a TrimBim file should be fixed now! Thanks to everyone who reported it.


Thanks, that’s great news!

Hi @Katya, Are we back in the same position again? SketchUp 2022 files show “failed to load” in the TC 3D viewer. Or perhaps this is some other problem with my latest files.

I haven’t seen this, yet.

(but this is just a simple block with some information attached)

About an hour later the same file loaded into the viewer fine. Not sure why it failed initially. I had republished once in there so perhaps the first version had something TC didn’t like? It’s working now.