Publish and reference more entities than the model

I feel a deeper integration between Trimble Connect and SketchUp should be possible and I feel a lot of objects and parameters could be interchangeable.

  • Sections should be able to be published to Trimble connect so they are available for us to use while checking models clash detection and for our clients to have them in TC as we have set them up in SketchUp. Of course I porting sections from TC into SU would also be great. It would work like importing reference models.

  • Scenes and views should also be interchangeable, at least camera position but also other parameters should be synced.

  • location and sun position would be a obvious choice. Get location in SketchUp is much more precise than the location setting in TC so we could publish from SketchUp

  • Dimensions and tags should be there too.

  • layers and full model hierarchy should be exactly the same.

I can’t even get SU21 files to open, only SU20 and earlier files will open for me in the TC viewer. Are you able to open SU21 files in the TC viewer?

I think I am, but I will check

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I also can’t load the last model I published

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The folks at TC are working on it:

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