Trimble Connect not responsive

I am unable to connect to Trimble today, is anyone else having issues?

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Yes, it seems to be having problems.

That’s right. I have the same problem with the SketchUp extension. But the desktop version gives no problems.

I also can’t connect using the web version.

Yes, I have the same problem!!!

There have been several trimble issues like this over the last several months. Pretty terrible uptime, but the worst is that we discover the issues before they do. It’s too bad that they don’t have a bot that just logs out and in all day long, so they can catch this sooner.

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Ah, some just-joined first posts are so much fun to read. We were aware, and welcome to the forums, @RedHatJef, and let’s hope it’s up from here.

First outage post was 3 hours ago, yours was an hour ago. If you were aware why didn’t you post right away?

Sorry, while I probably post more than other engineers at SketchUp, this is a voluntary effort that can take away from engineering efforts. There are some outage boards on different sites, but this was a non-SketchUp outage. Ours is but I wouldn’t bet the farm on whether that really is accurate. Sadly, this is always the weakness of web sites, no matter the company.

@barry I believe all of the “sketchup outages” I’m talking about for the past few months were actually trimble connect issues - that’s the first thing I try when I can’t get to my files I need. The status page is great - thanks for sharing - but if the trimble integration is so critical to your service, then maybe your page could also expose trimble status? I mean…sketchup doesn’t really work (assuming you actually want to save/load your work) unless trimble is working, right? And your APIs are probably puking errors on the back-end that you can wc and parse to see if there’s a spike, right?

Agreed. Trimble is essential to the operation of the SketchUp program. I scoured the internet looking for a status page for Trimble and couldn’t find it. Hence posting here. Users should be the last ones to know when there is an outage.


I’m happy to post a post-mortem analysis here once the team have gotten to a root cause. People are working on it and we need to give them time to complete their work.

The dashboard Barry shared is only for 3D Warehouse services, not for all of the complex web of services that go into Trimble Connect availability. I recognize the value of having a broader availability dashboard in the future.



Our team here in Boulder agree with you all. Ideally, you should be able to see the status within the application (without having to scour).

For those who come across this thread, we do have a manual back-up option in SketchUp for Web that allows you to download an SKP model for the current file you are working on. (File Icon > Download).

We’re currently seeing Connect perform, but we’ll chime in again after some more testing and coordination.


@mark @jbacus Thanks for chiming in, as a fellow software developer, I truly appreciate you fellas taking time away from “real work” to respond to forum posts. I’ve certainly read my fair share of flaming posts about services I’ve built or maintained.

Because the stability of the cloud saves is so critical to the application, we’re just looking for a one-stop shop to: 1) understand if it’s working or “a problem on my PC only” 2) understand that someone is looking at it 3) understand if there’s an ETA - is this a big problem or a small problem - should I wait for 5 minutes and it’s coming back up or should I work around it for the better part of a day (like this outage). The more data about the health of various services, the better.

Based on your responses, I absolutely think you get it. Definitely let us know when you have something for us to check out.

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Glad to hear you’re entertained, I’m here to blow your mind with another just-joined first post. Because you see, I HAD to join the forum in spite of being a long time user because there is no information anywhere about this under any of the help tabs, no links to to any outage sites, no troubleshooting steps, so anyone using the program who isn’t interested in the forums isn’t going to have access to this information.

So glad you were already aware, but I spent an hour trying to figure out how to access my files because there’s no way to know if it’s a browser issue, my account, or another possible problem that is within my control - there’s just a pop up notice that suggests the issue is my internet. Clearly, it is not.

If this is a recurrent problem, why doesn’t it come up as a question under any of the “help” tabs, and why isn’t there a link to the connectivity page and a way to submit a report?

Blows my mind that an engineer would respond this way. Automated responses to the end user are pretty standard and don’t “take away from engineering efforts.” This is not weakness of web sites, this is weakness of engineering. And just to be clear, I would not be saying anything about this at all except for the audacity of the employed team member to condescend to a client. I don’t expect everything to run perfectly all of the time, and I respect giving the engineers time to figure it out. The engineers I know would be the first to own this being unacceptable and most likely the engineers dealing with it now are cleaning up someone else’s mess. I just have a real problem with the implication that this is completely obvious information and that anyone who questions it is impatient and a “new user.”

Thank you!!

@mark I’ve seen the ability to download a file. I’m not sure how I would practically use it, unless I knew ahead of time an outage was coming and wanted to work while the services were down.

I guess I’m of the opinion that if it’s a cloud app, it should always be up. If it’s a client app, then work with local files and backup is on the user. I’m just not sure how practical the backup option is - and unless there’s a download all button, it’s pretty tedious to download all of the various things I’ve built and maintain folder organization, etc.

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Since SketchUp for Web is mostly running in your local computer’s memory, Connect outages only matter when you’re actively opening or saving a model. If your model is open, you are editing it and you find yourself unable to save it because Connect is down, saving it locally is a viable and useful alternative.

@RedHatJef To be clear, I only mention the Download option as a back-up utility in the case of an outage like this. SketchUp for Web is definitely a ‘cloud app’ by your distinction, so the expectation that it should always be up is valid. That doesn’t mean that cloud apps don’t have outages, but they should be extremely rare and ideally communicated in advance (for maintenance purposes). Annnnd, I think there should also be a layer of redundancy for users who are in the midst of a project.

So the frustration on this thread is totally valid, and shared by our team. We have a few very specific projects that are mid-term which address these qualifications, but the suggestions around publicly documenting status of the app and providing a reporting mechanism for users will also come into our planning. @EvaE1izabeth also mentioned the error message which is dual-purposed for connectivity problems on the user’s side (a faulty Internet connection) and a lack of response from Trimble Connect: that’s an issue that is now documented and will be scoped as well.

It is unacceptable. Sorry you didn’t see that, but if you haven’t been a member here for very long or met me at Basecamp, I could see how that could be missed. I’ll let John & Mark keep you up to date.