Trimble Connect Issue

I need some advice on connecting my SketchUp Studio license with Trimble Connect. Everytime I login to Trimble Connect and view my profile it says “Linked accounts: Trimble Connect for free” and keeps asking for an upgrade. I currently have an active Studio subscription which does not seem to be recognized in the Trimble Connect. When I long into my main SketchUp account is say that I have “Trimble Connect Business” active…

If someone could provide some guidance on the correct setup of Trimble Connect to use the correct license.

Thanks in advance

The email you use in the forum does have a Studio subscription, and that should include Trimble Connect Business. For you to see Trimble Connect for free, and asking for you to upgrade, makes it seem like you are signing in with a different email address. What happens if you sign in with a private window, so that you have to enter all of your details?

Hi Colin,

Its does the same thing, the upgrade button is present and my profile show a free lic only