Trimble Connect empty

After the last update to SketchUp for Web, I don’t see my models. And I can’t connect to support, any links to ask for a license, but I didn’t have it, I sign-in with Google and worked in the Web version. How can I contact support or return my models?

Sign out of Trimble Connect. Clear your browser’s caches, then sign in to Trimble Connect again using the same e-mail address and password you used when you started using SketchUp.

As for support, as a user of SketchUp Free, this forum is your best bet for support.

The way the support page works is that if you are signed in with an email that its known to have a paid subscription, you immediately get the Message Us options. If you’re signed in with an email that doesn’t have a subscription, the page assumes that you may have a classic license, and so asks for the serial number.

Both of your symptoms suggest that you’re signed in with an account that isn’t the one that you used when you sign up for your subscription.