Trim tool automatically reverts to cursor

I’ve just upgraged to the 23 version of sketchUp pro and I’m having an issue with the use of the trim tool. In the 22 version once the trim tool was selected you could trim multiple different groups after each other without having to re-select the trim tool. Now after a trim is completed it reverts to the pointer cursor tool. I can’t find anywhere that I can adjust the preferences of the tool to keep it selected until I want to change tool. It is really annoying and slowing me down! Has anyone found a way to get it to work like it used to?

hello, it does revert to the select tool indeed, in sketchup 2023.
what you could do is assign a shortcut to it (I personnaly chose ctrl + shift + T)

I don’t use the native Solid Tools because they don’t respect components so I hadn’t noticed this behavior. I can reproduce it, though. IT’s actually not reverting to the Select tool (black arrow cursor) but instead to the white arrow.

I use BoolTools 2, Eneroth Solid Tools, and the ancient Trim and Keep. All of them respect components and work as expected with mutiple objects.

I have exactly the same shortcut assigned already, it’s just annoying when things don’t work how they used to! I am coping, I just hoped there was some sort of preference I could change. Oh well!

There isn’t a preference you can change. I expect it’s a change that needs to be made internally by the SketchUp folks.

Thank you for posting about this, Dan. I am experiencing the same thing and am hoping this will be changed back.

It is on the list of bugs to fix for the next update.

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Thank you Dave

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