Have features in Solid Tools changed in SU 2023?

In SketchUp 2022, you could select the trim tool and click continuously for whatever you needed trimmed against the first group which was great. In 2023, it seems that feature of a continuous click doesn’t work anymore. You need to click on trim for every separate group that needs to be trimmed against the first selected group? Has this feature changed in 2023 or am I doing something wrong? Hope this makes sense.

We did get reports about that problem, and I logged a bug in our system. The bug number is SKOR-17845.

I don’t know right now when it will be fixed. I’ve added a link to your post to the bug report, to remind myself to come and let you know when it is fixed.

Thanks for letting me know @colin

Solid Tools is still not fixed in 2023.1 version. Any updates when this will be sorted? Thank you.

I checked, and it is still not fixed. I don’t know when its turn will come up.

@colin Thank you for checking.