Trim component without breaking instance

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to have multiple instances of the same component, while some of them are trimmed, but without making them individual ?

To explain a bit more, I have to model the ceiling of a large area, and it is a standard layout of a false ceiling (attached a zoom of the dwg)

I wanted to use components for the whole area in order to reduce the file size and model polygons to have a better model for designing the interior later. Furthermore, since I have 3D renders of the interior to do, a realistic ceiling would take the render to the level of definition I desire.

However, the area is not a plane rectangle, more like a trapezoid shape, which implies that the layout of the false ceiling is trimmed to an angle in some places.

I wanted to know if I have to make each component that is not a rectangle unique and then trim them to shape, or if you know a way to have the same component everywhere and trim some of them without breaking the instance ?
I thought of a way in which all of the components were in a group, then place a cut section, and never show cut sections planes ever after ; but it seems a bit restrictive and it might slow down the model…

Trimming the component, changing the geometry inside, changes the definition. If you change the definitions for one instance you have to change it for all other instances. If you don’t want to do that, use Make Unique to create a new definition to model.

Sections could be used but I think you’re right. It would be restrictive in some ways. Probably create more work, too.

Thank you very much for your quick answer ! I will model all of the ‘normal’ one for now, I will see if I find a solution to not make unique components later though

Using components reduces file size but does not reduce polygons.
I would make a texture of the ceiling grid, with a realistic material, and add lighting and HVAC fixtures as hole-cutting components. Dividing the area to two faces would allow me to orient the grid to two directions like in your drawing.

well this is a really great idea ! Thank you :slight_smile: