Can you make a hole a component? (not a hole in a component, the actual hole IS the component)

I’m trying to make a ceiling cloud (an acoustical treatment for the ceiling) that is a dynamic component, with the ability to choose the number of lights and have them populate automatically with the correct spacing. I have figured out how to do all of that. However, to get an accurate render, there must be a hole cut into the ceiling cloud where the light fixture will go. Thus, I would need to somehow be able to control how many holes were in the cloud with the dynamic component options.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

You can make a ‘Glue to’ component with the property ‘Cut opening’.
Each close loop inside without a face cuts the loop area when placing the component on a face.
The loop(s) need to be at local z=0 and in the local red/green plane to cut.


if you make a cutting component of copied cutting components, then on deleting the copy or creating further copies or swapping the internal component, the extra outside cutter will extend to cover the copies / movements,

holes 2.skp (28.9 KB)

this is more fun with dynamics

Well, once again the SketchUp forum has taken something I thought was likely impossible and given me a solution! Thanks so much, guys, this is brilliant!