Control hole ON/OFF in Dynamic Component?

Hey chaps! I’m trying to control an opening within my DC, meaning it’s either on or off?

Is this possible?

you can hide the opening

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Big thanks as always for your help Phil!

I’ve tried (making the hole a group or component), but the actual cut out geometry doesn’t heal when hidden!

hide opening.skp (23.8 KB)


Thats BRILLIANT! Is there anyway to ensure the back and front cuts always remain equal if the opening is scaled?

Match size and position attributes of rear to front cuts

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DUDE!!! You are a champion amongst champions!!!

if you require to copy an opening, then the cuts are placed in another cutting component

multi-opening.skp (48.9 KB)

you can then set up a panel that can have various size openings by using references to each copy.

You can also consider shapes

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Thats AWESOME mate! Seriously, this is just golden stuff!

As always it took me a bit to work it out, but it’s now working just as intended!

We probably wont ever do a panel (from the DC) with more than one opening, as there is only so much data we can apply to the label! We do have a code “SD” on the label that infers you have to manufacture from drawings.

BTW, Phil, I remember we have chatted about this at some length on the Sketchucation Forum, I did find an application that allowed all information from the report to be printed directly to a label. NiceLabel, it’s SO COOL! It accepts conditional logic, so we have set it up to show all details we need to manufacture and install the panels. We ended up being shortlisted for an Australian Construction award for Innovation. Though nothing has happened as covid hit.

Now I’m running through to again further improve the workflow

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I have a question related to the topic of this post.

I would like to insert a dynamic window on the wall. I need her to cut the wall automatically on both sides. It’s possible?

You can use multiple cutter components contain within a DC however this outer “container” cutting component, after scaling or input to match the wall thickness or multiple wall sizes, needs to be exploded before the inner cutting components activate.
Note that this works on raw geometry. If placed on a component then cut and paste in place after opening the component.



With the DC you can include casings, sills, quoins …or swapable window / door so that most detail is done

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I came here to say a big thanks to pcmoor for the given solution, your insight was very helpful.