Making a DC that Cuts It!

I’m really enjoying re-capping on all the fundamentals with Matt Donley’s long awaited “SketchUp to Layout”. I was reminded of the “Cut Opening” function of a Gluing Component (on page 405 if anyone wants to look it up!).

Following his steps I’ve created automatic cuts for my DC Windows, but it only works if you are directly on the wall’s face - which means they both end up with the same tag (and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants walls and windows on different tags). And it only cuts through one face of a wall … which is less than ideal.

What I’d like to create is a DC that cuts properly through both faces of another component or group.
I know there’s a way of doing it as I’ve seen it elsewhere - but is anyone able to share the secret please!?

Opening-cutting components can only cut a hole in one face. Some extensions, like DoubleCut achieve this programmatically .
There are of course a zillion ways to cut a hole on a box representing a wall(Push-pull, Boolean Subtract, VisuHole plugin…), but the hole will persist even when you remove the door or window.

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Thanks Anssi. So can anyone share how to achieve this programmatically? Would that mean I’d have to package the DC into a ruby script … (if that makes sense) … ?

DoubleCut, for instance, is a plugin that, when you place a cutting component, creates a hole that goes through the wall, and, somewhere in the system, keeps track of the entities involved so it also knows how to remove the hole when the component is deleted. It is not bound to particular components.

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So what you’re saying is - rather than re-invent the wheel - use double cut once I’ve placed my window. I’ll give it a go - thanks.

You can also draw a ‘cutter’ component and nest it in the window or door. It should be thicker than the thickest wall. Tag it differently on it’s own tag for visibility.
Use it to trim the hole (best with copy-paste in place) or when repairing, intersect and then union the middle part and erase the outer ones. (Although erasing the lines works quicker, as long if the walls are straight)


Nice idea - thanks - and helps avoid the issue of the window being on the same tag as the walls (which double cut doesn’t solve, it seems) - but it’s still it is more clicks than just drawing a rectangle on the wall and using push/pull, which is what I do at the moment and only takes a few seconds. But I’ve found new learners using my components can really struggle to do this so I’d like to find an ‘automatic’ solution.
Double-cut seems great except that (from my fiddling around just now) you have to place it directly on the face itself, which means it inherits the tag of the wall.
Any other plug-ins anyone can recommend that will help me build components that cut right through
other groups or components?

I have the same reservations about hole cutting components in general. I haven’t tried Fredo’s VisuHole, it might work differently.

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Flex tools has one to convert components to cut 1, 2, 3….6, 8 ,etc faces, depending on your wall system:


Thanks Anssi - I’ll check out VisuHole.

Flextools really are good aren’t they Mike?! Exactly what I need - except that I don’t want to have to oblige all my colleagues to sign up to their subscription. I’ll investigate!

Help much appreciated guys.


Maybe, @Yoni has a solution for multiple users?

Hi Simon,

A FlexTools license can be used on 2 computers. You can purchase multiple licenses that will all work with one license key (by choosing the quantity option).

If the subscription’s automatic renewal is an issue, you can contact us after purchase and we’ll cancel the auto renewal.

When used on a computer that has no license, the wall openings (and flex components) will remain but won’t be dynamic anymore. They will be dynamic again when opened on a licensed computer, so you and your colleagues can keep working on your models with or without a license.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


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Thanks Yoni. Great stuff