How to make a component with two holes on different faces cut them both when inserted

how to make a component with two holes on different faces cut them both when inserted

You cannot. I use two separate components for my windows and doors, a “window” component on the outer face and a simple “hole” component on the inner.

I made a DC of a piece of unistrut that does what you are asking. There is a YouTube video by psm2000 showing the process. But using raw geometry to make the cut then making the cut into a component is the trick.
Ill copy a link for you or you can look up make copy of cut hole component.
[Dc unistrut]( )

Double cut video

Your component has many missing and reversed faces.
I’m also not sure that it relates to the original question.

Hello Box. Sorry about the reversed faces, I will clean those up. My DC allows you to Scale the LenX and the Holes are cut into both sides of opposing faces. I thought that’s what the question was. I am sorry if I miss understood.

You are creating a dynamic component that can lengthen and add parts, this is fairly standard for DCs. Have a look at the end of you component, the face is missing. If you look closer at the corners you will see that one of the bottom ones has no end edges, causing the missing faces.

I believe what the original question is about relates to dropping a component into a wall and having both skins of the wall cut in one go.
For example, Placing a window into a wall and being able to see inside without having to cut the faces manually.
The general workaround for this is to have two cutting components together and explode them when placed so they cut the two faces. Or use an extension to punch a hole through.
I may be wrong, it does happen.

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I cleaned up my model. Thank you for pointing out my errors.

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