Make a component capable of cutting faces

Is it possible to make this dicnamic component able to cut horizontal faces?
Ceiling.skp (47.9 KB)

Yes, it’s possible, but only one face at a time. If you need to cut a solid, you’ll require a different solution or a combination of two components. You can find more about this discussion here: Cutting double wall without a plugin, how? - #20 by slbaumgartner.

When creating a component that cuts only one face, be sure to select the “cut opening” option during its creation.

I know that and I have checked that option but it doesn’t work.

Are you inserting the component cutter directly onto the face?

Yes, maybe it’s because of the elements inside. Anyone has the total dimension of the face to cut.

For a cutting component to work it must have a closed loop of edges (raw geometry) at the red/green plane to define the hole, and it must be placed with the component origin on a face (again, raw geometry).


Thanks @Anssi . I imagined something like that…