Dynamic Component can't cut opening

Hey, I am a cabinet guy, I trying to make Dynamic component for customized cabinet.
the Handrail have to put across the carcass, which need cut opening for all side panels of cabinet.

I tried several times according to the guide of make the dynamic window cut opening on the wall, but still can’t get it.

please help…

thanks in advance.

First, you should know that a component that is set up to cut an opening, will cut only one face. And it’ll only cut that face IF the component is in the same context as the face.

In the model you linked to, the handrail component is not in the same context as any of the faces in the cabinet components.

In addition, when a component cuts an opening, that opening only exists as long as the component is in place. The opening is not permanent. If you remove the component, the opening will disappear.

If you want to cut a notch for the rail in the other components, you’ll need to do that differently.

To elaborate on Dave’s post, the “cuts opening” behavior is a bit of display trickery that does not actually create or delete any geometry in the model. To say that another way, the opening exists only on the view, not as a hole with edges (an “inner loop”) cut through a face in the model. The designer’s intent was that (as Dave says) if you want an actual, permanent hole you should draw it on the face, or if it’s a slot or other non-planar feature use “intersect faces with” or one of the solid Tools (Pro version only) to create real geometry instead of the “cuts opening” illusion.


Got it, thank your guys so much!