Cutting surface not working

I am trying to create 32 inch door (Left Swing).skp (2.1 MB)
a door that I can just drop into a wall and it will cut the opening in the wall of the right size. But I can’t get the wall to be cut when I insert the component into my model. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong in creating my component?

There are a few things going on here. First it appears you are trying to cut an opening into a closed component.
The cutting component and the surface you want to cut need to be in the same context, otherwise the cutting component will just sit on the surface. So open your wall component for editing or explode it. It also looks like you are trying to cut through a wall that has" thickness", that is actually two surfaces separated by a void. Cutting components can only cut one surface. So the wall you want to cut into needs to be a single surface.

It appears that you are trying to use the door frame to cut as that’s the only component that is set to cut, but the door frame is not a complete loop. You will need to put a bottom on it as Sketchup needs a complete loop to cut a hole, a single line across will do the trick to make the cutting loop complete.

Then you have some axis issues. Your door comes in at an odd rotation and backwards and the cutting plane is not set to the front of the door. It’s counter intuitive but Sketchup uses the blue axis direction to indicate the cutting direction. You can change the axis orientation for the component by right clicking on it. It can be easier just to draw your object lying flat on the ground before you make it a component, then the blue is set to 90˚ to the cutting face by default.

I suggest you experiment with getting a simple rectangle to cut a simple surface. Build rectangle on the ground as if it had been leaning how you want it on the wall and fell face first away from the wall. Then select the whole rectangle and make it a component, chose glue to vertical and cut opening. Now from the component window bring in a new instance of that component. It should glue to a single surface wall and cut an opening. Now you can start to modify that component and see how things go. Put some openings in it, give it thickness.

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